At SimplyExcel, we equip professionals with expertise in MS Excel, a tool employed in a multitude of industries today. Our workshop on MS Excel explores underutilised/unexplored functions and features which help you build meaningful information from raw data, take better decisions with charts and reports and save time & energy in managing complex information.
Mathematical, Statistical, Financial,
Date & Time Functions, Fixing
errors in Formulae
Mastering IF, Nested IF,
AND & OR functions
Consolidating data from
various Workbooks
Various Lookup Functions and
Nesting Lookup Functions
Exploring Pivot
Data Analysis
Data manipulation
(to convert raw data
into useful information)
Presentation of historic trends
(Classic management reporting)
What-if analysis
Financial modelling and forecasting)
Managing Dates
Errors Handling
Extracting unique values
from a large list
Validating Data
across sheets
Presenting Data
with Charts
Mr. Bhanu Kiran, with more than 15 years of experience in this industry has
spent 22,000 teaching hours training 13,000 individuals from various fields.
He has conducted more than 300 programs on Advanced Excel to employees of:
Our biggest testimonial is our ever expanding clientele - which includes
Government organisations, small firms, MNCs and bright individuals.
Here are few testimonials of our clients:
"From the very first time I have used his services for the organization where
I headed training, we have had great feedback from participants about his
capability and their increase in abilities as a result of his coaching."
Joseph Jawahar
Head - Learning and Leadership Development
BA Continuum Solutions (Bank of America)
"Thanks for all your efforts in ensuring the success of this program."
Shantnu Tandon
Senior Manager - Training
Oracle University
"EXCELlent coach on EXCEL. Rarely you come across such a teacher who
builds the concepts step by step consolidating on every lesson and ensuring a stress-free learning for every single individual in the class."
Hanuma Sai Vemuri
Head - Austriamicrosystems India Pvt Ltd
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